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Solocal Group

Solocal Group ranks #1 on local communication in France, with revenues of €998.9 millions in 2013. It employs  4,440 people in France, Spain, Luxembourg and Austria, including 2,165 sales advisers to support its 650,000 local and national advertising customers.

As a creator of useful media, Solocal Group operates in three complementary business lines: content and service provision, media and advertising representation. Thanks to its know-how and the performance of its brands, Solocal Group now occupies a leading position on the Internet:

  • Leader in business website development, with over 135,000 already sold in France and Spain
  • European leader in online advertising
  • Benchmark provider of mapping services and Mappy
  • Leader in mobile Internet, with over 30 million downloads of its PagesJaunes, Mappy and AnnoncesJaunes apps.

Solocal Group ranks among the key european players regarding the percentage of revenues generated on the Internet  :  €632.5 millions in 2013, 63.3% of its consolidated revenues.

Solocal Group is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris (LOCAL).