A new cutting-edge yet simple digital range, adapted to our customers’ changing requirements

To meet the new requirements of our customers who need to establish a digital presence, find new customers, and stand out more clearly, SoLocal aims to become the leading digital portal for businesses, and to provide them with a digital coaching service adapted to each market segment.


SoLocal’s new digital offering is “full Web & Apps”: it can be rolled out on all terminals (PCs, phones, tablets, PDAs, etc.) and across the entire Web, for all kinds of business activities, from self-employed professionals to companies, including local merchants.
The offering is modular and integrated: every customer may use one or several services, which can operate in an integrated manner (presence and advertising, for instance). Lastly, it is also scalable: it comes in the form of packs and monthly subscriptions, which are easily interchangeable. The offering consists of five ranges:

•    “Digital Presence”: the aim of this range is to manage our customers’ online presence by enhancing and updating their content across the Web on an ongoing basis, not only on our proprietary platforms (PagesJaunes and Mappy), but also via a powerful network of several hundreds of domestic and global partners. The offering is presented and operated via the unique and intuitive SoLocal application, which is intended for businesses of all sizes. The range consists of two packs: “Presence”, which also includes the development of local web pages (“store locators”) for networked retail brands, for instance, and “e.Reputation Presence”, which offers real-time data updates as well as online reputation management services.

•    “Digital Advertising”: this range offers a “ranking” pack, which ensures the priority showcasing of our customers’ products and services in rankings and via sponsored links. It also offers a “Performance” pack, which aims to maximise clicks, contacts, views, and advertising displays (displays, videos, etc.). Once again, the entire range operates on our proprietary and partner platforms and/or on social networks. These offerings are “programmatic”, which means that the buying of advertising space and the targeting of the advertising messages are optimised in real time in the selected spaces. These digital advertising solutions may also be supplemented by an online service, with which the client can run direct marketing campaigns via post mail, e-mail, SMS, etc.

•    “Digital Websites”:  as a leading website developer in France, SoLocal develops websites adapted to all channels: the Internet, mobile, or social networks, and for all types of businesses, from self-employed professionals to large companies. This offering covers all market segments, from plain “showcase" websites, to conventional websites, and from entry-level websites to more upmarket and/or creative websites (premium and preferred), e-commerce websites, etc. 

•    “Digital Solutions”: this offering aims to help our customers manage all of their activities via an array of cutting-edge digital tools. For example, it includes the development of interfaces to schedule appointments or make reservations for doctors, restaurant owners, merchants, etc. It provides support, training, and consultancy services to help businesses develop or improve their online content and website listing, and  grants access to adapted and/or tailor-made CRM (customer relationship management), electronic payment (e-payment), and data and content hosting solutions.

•    “Print-to-Digital”: some local professionals need hard-copy paper directories, handbooks, and prospectuses. SoLocal’s offering aims to combine the unparalleled neighbourly feel of printed materials with digital enhancements (e.g. augmented reality), or to turn those materials into local guidebooks that encourage users to go online to find out more about the advertised services.
With these digital solutions, SoLocal will provide support for our customers throughout the year, in order to adapt the solutions they have chosen to their expectations and their own customers’ needs.

For chain store companies, 200 of which already rely on SoLocal, the value offer is based on a single integrated platform in SaaS mode that manages their “Full Web & Apps” presence and their digital advertising campaigns.  This enables chains to ensure consistency between the centre and local outlets and to optimise their communication actions. 

Reinvented media to provide an enhanced user experience

Faced with the emergence of Internet and smartphone users’ new requirements and uses, PagesJaunes and Mappy are reinventing themselves.
PagesJaunes will offer a new “user experience” via an enhanced and more unique pathway, which will encourage long-term ties to the brand. The aim is twofold: increasing the relevance of local searches via  a better customisation, and boosting their commitment via new services (opinions, recommendations, appointment booking, etc.).

Meanwhile, Mappy is supporting the French changing travel habits by adding a multi-modal comparison tool to its itinerary creation and mapping services.