What is our vision for the future ?

The dematerialisation of information, the explosion in mobility, the arrival of new interactive terminals and the rapid growth of community websites – these are the radical technological and social changes that are blurring the established media models and in which the SoLocal Group is asserting its position as a leader in local information media.

We provide innovative local information services, for and around everyone
The Internet enables increasing amounts of information to be exchanged on a global level, but also on a local level, covering everything around the user. It allows interaction with everything in the vicinity, through multiple channels, supporting the user whatever his or her location. These are the values that are embedded in the SoLocal Group’s DNA, enabling it to devise and distribute new, practical and relevant local information services. From geolocation to personalised information, from hyperlocation of information to augmented reality: the relevance of local information remains a major lever of growth for the future, which is why the Group is continuing to innovate in terms of functionalities and services.

Content is the driver of our business model
Information is now multiplatform and omnipresent. The attractiveness of media now depends less on their ability to search for and transmit information than on their ability to attract quality content, deliver it to the right person at the right time and engage a regular, active mass audience. The quantity and quality of content, whether produced or designed in partnership, generated by users or aggregated on the Internet, are the essential channels of value creation in the Group’s services and guarantee their continuity.

The Internet, both fixed and mobile, is a major springboard for the growth of our business
Whether for mobile Internet, local exchanges, 3D mapping or communication on business websites, the Internet is a major, natural line of development for the Group’s services. SoLocal Group is n°1 on local communication and is the largest developer of websites for businesses in France. It must offer innovative services on the Internet in order to develop new sources of growth and assert its position as a leader on the web in Europe.