Ooreka (Fine Media)

Chairman : Christophe Poupinel

Fine Media is the publisher the website Ooreka.fr, which promises to make the daily lives of French people easier by providing answers from experts to their questions. Fine Media was founded in 2007.

The main services offered are:

Ooreka.fr allows internet users to no longer be alone when faced with questions by giving them free and easy access to hundreds of experts, through 2 services:

A database of content – practical guides, tutorials, etc. – written by "expert authors": notaries, lawyers, doctors, electricians, gardeners, etc. See the list of expert authors.
A question/answer service with experts: users ask their questions to "expert contributors", willing to share their knowledge for free and to be quoted on the internet. See the list of expert contributors.

Ooreka.fr covers more than 450 topics, categorised into 8 areas (Home-Money-Law-Health-Family-Vehicles-Career-Company)