SoLocal Commerce


The vertical Commerce market groups professionals from local shops, spread across different segments:

Transactional potential traders: restaurants, beauty, accommodation,
Everyday shops, a segment that groups town-centre businesses such as florists, wine shops, dry cleaners or grocery stores
Sports and leisure clubs: sports clubs, cultural institutions
Networks: food supermarkets, clothing, DIY.


Within vertical Commerce, different segments operate differentiated communication strategies. Thus, while the majority of advertisers invest primarily in their image and in direct offline marketing (unsolicited printed material), some traders (mainly catering and accommodation) develop transactional solutions (online reservations, deals and sites), which already account for a significant share of total communication in this market.

Vertical Commerce aims:
to move ever more towards digitalisation of our customers and prospects,
to become a major player in the web-to-store or "how to help local shops to generate in-store sales through web solutions"
to become a major player in online search and transactions.

To meet the diverse needs and expectations of its customers, vertical Commerce has developed a comprehensive digital offering.

In this market, vertical Commerce has real advantages:
a significant territorial network
a strong brand with PagesJaunes and Mappy (one trader in four advertises in PagesJaunes)
broad coverage of the communication needs of its customers through a wide media panel, online and offline
very diverse offers, adapted to this market and its different sectors: transactional solutions, print, search, site creation; direct marketing, web-to-store, etc.