SoLocal Services


The vertical Services market brings together several segments:
Car and motorcycle trade and maintenance: dealers, mechanics, MOTs, body shops, auto-centres and specialists
Services to individuals: taxis, funeral parlours, personal services, clairvoyance
Real estate: real estate agents, notaries, housing inspectors
Banks and insurance: banks, mutual health insurance, insurance brokers.


In this market, digital maturity is very uneven across sectors Vertical Services aims to strengthen support for its customers in their transition to digital by offering communication plans with return on investment (ROI) tools in order to better meet their expectations.

Vertical Services aims to make an offer increasingly adapted to its different segments and focuses on the following key areas:
propose diversified media solutions to meet its customers' network organisation challenges
pursue development of dynamic displays, which has already started with the establishment of a CPM offer
strengthen the transactional side, particularly through 'value offer' deals
continue customising the service offered to customers by developing tailor-made websites
improve services with increasingly diversified and developed measuring tools.