SoLocal Habitat


The vertical Habitat market brings together all the professionals in construction, renovation, maintenance and habitat repairs. These are artisans, vendor-installers of household equipment (kitchens, verandas, pools and others), convenience stores, or habitat-related service providers (house removals ...).

One of habitat market characteristics is that communication is a major challenge for artisans both in terms of acquiring new customers, the loyalty of these customers and word-of-mouth impacts.

It is also a market in which printed materials retain an important place while, in parallel, the various actors are gradually digitising.


The vision of SoLocal Group is to be the major player in the digitalisation of craftsmen to help housing professionals grow their businesses.

The Habitat vertical aims to put its expertise at the service of local digital growth of these professionals, and help them achieve their three major communication objectives.

In this habitat market, the Group possesses real advantages:
The largest habitat media coverage with, No. 1- professional search media and Ooreka, No. 1- search media for information on habitat.
Unique effectiveness:

  • Thanks to the comprehensiveness of its offers targeting the major needs of the market (SEO, websites, quote requests, direct marketing)
  • Through the power of its partnerships with major players on the web (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook)

A local sales force expert in desktop and mobile Internet communication and specialised in the field of housing.