SoLocal BtoB


The BtoB market consists of major national advertisers and 500,000 micro businesses and SMEs, distributed in different industries:

business services: business services: photocopying, industrial cleaning, couriers...
wholesale: building materials, office furniture ...
industry: Industrial sheet metal, precision mechanics...
Construction: Construction, repair of elevators ...
Agriculture: wine producers, farmers...
Craftsmen: furniture making, designers…

Business logic, marketing challenges and therefore BtoB clients' communication needs are specific, different problematic than BtoC market. Also, SoLocal Group has adjusted existing offerings and created new solutions that truly meet the needs of its BtoB customers.


SoLocal Group is positioned as the digital communications agency of BtoB companies.

Vertical BtoB aims:

  • to propose communication and digital marketing offers specific to this market,
  • accompany and advise customers to provide them with communications plans and the most effective and efficient marketing tools, in line with their business objectives,
  • demonstrate ROI solutions already in place to monitor and optimise continuously.

With these professionals, the Group possesses real advantages:

  • a powerful and effective media: 234 million searches (full year 2016) that generate + 90 million contacts per year
  • a full range of digital solutions that cover all visibility and reputation requirements
  • prospecting and direct marketing tools (e-mailing, file location, telemarketing, etc.)
  • turnkey websites, taking advantage of the PagesJaunes SEO power
  • a team of advisers in digital communication, marketing experts on the BtoB market