SoLocal Health and Public


The vertical Health & Public market concerns public sector organisations, professionals and health sector professionals. This market overlaps mainly 4 segments:

Public sector: State and social protection, local authorities (municipalities and towns, urban communities of cities, councils), consular organisations, trade unions, etc.
Education: driving-schools, vocational training institutions, primary, secondary and higher education, services of lessons to individuals and other
Self-employed professionals: lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, auditors, surveyors, veterinarians...
Health Sector Professionals: health professionals governed by a medical association or otherwise, pharmacies, health facilities and services, etc.


Vertical Health & Public includes environments that are opening to communication, particularly because of regulatory restrictions. In support of this dynamic, SoLocal Group aims to gain market share and become market leader through the sale of sites, online appointments solutions, specific personalised solicitation offers for lawyers, etc.

Despite the regulatory and fiscal environment, the health market is supported by strong demand with an ageing population, high birth rates, and increased prevention and screening.

The Health & Public vertical aims:

  • to optimise SEO and increase visibility of online media to improve the user experience and increase audience loyalty (navigation / usability and content)
  • facilitate customer structure: making appointments online, secretarial services, etc.
  • manage patient monitoring especially for healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care in a personalised manner, conduct information campaigns, etc.
  • continue customising the service offered to customers by developing tailor-made websites
  • improve services with increasingly diversified and developed measuring tools

In this Health & Public market, the Group has real advantages:

  • a large sales force with a good knowledge of the local market,
  • a powerful general media generating strong audience for this specific sector
  • offers adapted to this market, online appointments systems, relationship marketing campaigns. Evidenced by the launch of PagesJaunesDoc, dedicated online appointment-making solution.