SoLocal is the local, digital reference partner all businesses trust to drive their growth.

SoLocal relies on six strategic assets: media with very large audiences, the power of its geolocated data, scalable technology platforms, unparalleled local coverage throughout France, strong and balanced partnerships with GAFAM*, and a large and talented team with expertise in the fields of data, software development, digital marketing, etc.

Its integrated offering enables each company to boost its business activities and drive its growth, i.e. to build and develop its image and digital contacts, to boost its own customers’ loyalty and to find new ones, as well as to manage and enhance its relationships with all customers. It enables maximum digital presence on both our proprietary media (PagesJaunes and Mappy), and on those of our partners, including GAFAM.

Digital growth is the focal point of companies’ development, especially for the four million SMBs in France. However, half still does not have an online presence. SoLocal is committing to providing them with a wide array of digital services, which are the best fit for their requirements and those of their own customers, as well as ongoing support thanks to its national coverage provided by local consultants and by digital coaches available online or by telephone.



*GAFAM : Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon et Microsoft/Bing.