" I am convinced that SoLocal has all of the advantages required to become one of the market leaders in the digital sector in France.”

I became the Head of SoLocal a few months ago, with the aim of committing our company to a major and decisive change, which will enable it to fully capitalise on its potential.
I genuinely believe that SoLocal, which is already one of the main French operators in the local digital communications market, has everything it takes  to become one of the market leaders in the digital sector in France. However, this assumes a rapid adjustment to our methods and positioning. Everyone knows that our market is constantly evolving. Our competitors and partners - who are sometimes the same ones  - are not only global giants, they are  also highly versatile companies, which adjust their models, their strategies, and their products on an ongoing basis. SoLocal has begun to  evolve  over the last few years, but it must continue to do so, faster, and to a greater extent.Only then will we be able to succeed together.
My aim is that SoLocal  soon become the digital reference partner for French companies of all sizes, and  to be considered as the one  that help them drive their growth. What do we need to do to achieve this goal ?
First, we need to reposition our offering to meet our customers’ requirements. Small and large companies first and foremost need greater digital visibility on every type of screen. They need to locate new users on an ongoing basis, and to display their advertising messages in a targeted manner. Our customers undoubtedly have very diverse requirements: doctors want automatic appointment services ; SMBs want to gain access to cutting-edge digital services and to efficient and tailor-made CRM or electronic payment solutions. However, they all want a universal presence, on our media, as well as on all available platforms. The agreements  we have signed, and will sign with GAFAM, will increasingly enable us to provide it every day.
Next, we are going to reinvent our two platforms, PagesJaunes and Mappy, in order to enhance  user experience. As for PagesJaunes, this will involve making local searches more relevant, via greater customisation, and increasing their effectiveness via new services (opinions, recommendations, and the making appointments, etc.). Meanwhile, Mappy will support the change in the French travel habits by adding a multi-modal comparison tool to its itinerary planning business.
Lastly, we need to redesign our organisational structure, in order to increase our customer and user focus, as their satisfaction is at the heart of our transformation plan. Accordingly, we are going to design a brand new customer experience that is multi-channel (on-site, telemarketing, and online), and condensed in a single application, which enables the customer to monitor their audiences in real time, and to contact their digital coach, etc. In the same spirit, , boosting the collaboration between our product and development teams will encourage the development of innovations, in order to support the changing requirements of VSBs and SMBs, and of large network groups.
Our “SoLocal 2020” Plan is crucial in order to for insure the company’s development and return to  growth, through restoring our competitiveness. SoLocal is an major company for the French economy. I am determined to make it even more important by 2020, for our teams, our customers, our users, and our shareholders, by becoming the digital leader that France needs.


Eric Boustouller