Our engagements : building together a group digital and fulfilling motivating for all


SoLocal Group offers more than 5000 employees a dynamic work environment and exciting development prospects. These are made possible by the Group's various activities, based on a wide variety of business and regional and international locations.

Human Resources policy accepts and supports the implementation of the strategy and SoLocal Group CSR commitments. It concerns in its principles all Group employees, regardless of their status and profession.

Embed SoLocal Group is therefore incorporate a company committed to corporate social responsibility.

Our flagship 4 commitments:

  • Federate teams around and develop the Group's values ​​Client, Team, Integrity, Innovation, Agility.
  • Accompany and make our employees involved in the Group's development.
  • Developing diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Promote well-being at work of employees.

Act in favor of diversity and equal opportunities: it SoLocal Group is actively engaged for many years. The promotion of diversity is at the heart of the Group's social policy, it is also part of the strategic objectives defined by Human Resources.
To realize this commitment and to combat all forms of discrimination, action plans and several agreements were signed: on professional equality between women and men, on the insertion and retention in employment disabled employees on senior employment and the commitment and sustainable integration of young people in employment.
Our will: integrate diverse profiles, offer diverse career opportunities and develop your skills, integration and when you throughout your journey.

SoLocal Group also relies on its employees, through their internal expertise or developing new skills. See what our employees bring to us and what motivates them. The diversity of experiences will help you understand the spirit of our teams.
Evolving in line with existing digital cultural codes, our employees work in a participatory approach to produce both collective intelligence and individual motivation. Giving voice to the employees, establish agile project teams and recognize talent outside the traditional schemes, are the three essential ingredients of this operation.
Since September 2010, the Eureka collaborative innovation program is designed to unleash the creativity of employees to improve internal processes and to consider new products and services. Gathered on a collaborative intranet platform, the Group's employees form a virtual community centered on innovation.