SoLocal Group lets you live the Digital & Human Experience

    Yes, SoLocal Group does provide new online experiences and key mobile apps that make life easier for everyone. But SoLocal Group is first and foremost a group of passionate experts who thrive each day in what is a unique and truly human adventure! 


    A unique adventure because joining SoLocal Group means taking up stimulating challenges every day, developing skills in a range of fields (sales, marketing, HR, the internet…) in a collaborative and inspiring work environment. Not only do you become ambassadors for brands that are now references for all, but by joining us you help boost the Group’s online dimension.


    A human adventure because we are all committed to the well-being of our employees and because equal opportunity is one of our priorities. We are determined to develop our employees’ employability, fostering internal mobility between all entities and in all the Group’s businesses to make SoLocal Group a feel-good work environment where proximity and diversity underpin our ambition which is to take up our challenge: be the local, online and trusted partner of choice for businesses in France, to drive their growth and offer the finest online and local experience possible to our users.



    Because that is what SoLocal Group is: unrivalled know-how and a unique mind-set.
    What unites us? This passion for our businesses, this curiosity about the world around us, this taste for challenge and innovation, this benevolence for those working alongside us… If you too can identify with these, then join us!


    Join, poke, like and follow… to discover what our employees contribute and what drives them!





    SoLocal Group is a certified Top Employer France Group!